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UFS residence application 2023 – UFS residence application status; The University of the Free State (UFS) has a proud history as one of the oldest, most respected institutions of higher education in South Africa. It opened its doors in Bloemfontein in 1904 as the Grey University College, with six students in the Humanities. Today it is a multi-campus institution, with two diverse campuses in Bloemfontein and one in Qwaqwa in the scenic Eastern Free State, accommodating more than 40 000 students in its seven faculties, with an increasing number of international students and associates, and an ever-widening scope of active involvement in and contribution to its surrounding communities.

For the past 118 years, the UFS has been delivering quality graduates who have made their mark in various sectors. What sets the institution apart is its holistic student support initiatives, enabling it to achieve some of the highest success rates in the country. Delivering students who are in high demand in the global job market, remains a top priority. An established network of industry partners and close collaboration with the public and private sectors, as well as a continuous process of transformation and curriculum renewal, dovetail to produce highly employable graduates.

UFS research efforts are driven by dedicated scholars, some of whom are international leaders in their fields, with industry and social impact and real-world application.

Through the principle of engaged scholarship, the UFS responds to societal needs, using its scholarly and professional expertise with an intentional public purpose and benefit.

It is an institution that goes all out to provide its students and staff with an outstanding university experience. Anchored in a value bedrock of social justice, respect, and caring, the institution has managed to remain steadfastly relevant in a challenging and ever-changing national higher education landscape.

A strong and healthy residence spirit characterizes student life on the field. obscurity else within the country will a field accommodate such a big amount of students in residences in such shut proximity as on our field.  This ensures an exquisite field spirit that’s distinctive to being a Kovsie.

Living in any of our residences on the field may be a extraordinary expertise, as every residence has developed a robust residence spirit over the years. nice traditions are developed, that come back to the fore powerfully in many areas and create a substantial contribution to the colorful field life.  This comradery lives on among former students, and reunions area unit command often to strengthen the bonds.

Each residence perpetually endeavours to take care of a sound balance between educational work and fun and games. associate quantity is split annually among the residences that perform the simplest with respect to lecturers, sport, culture, and variety.

A Residence Head is answerable of every residence (including town residences).  The Residence Head is power-assisted by a first-rate and a Residence Committee (RC), that area unit one by one and together liable for the orderly and civilised management of the residence.  They additionally make sure that residence rules area unit complied with, and settle for responsibility for everything that happens within the residence.

Furthermore, the Residence Head fulfils the role of substitute parent, is contact person for the parent, and appears once the interests and education of every individual first student in his/her residence.

The Junior Residences available for ladies are

  • Akasia
  • Emily Hobhouse
  • Kestell
  • Madelief
  • NJ van der Merwe
  • Roosmaryn
  • Soetdoring
  • Vergeet-My-Nie
  • Wag-’n-Bietjie
  • Welwitschia
  • Harmony

The Junior Residences available for men are

  • Abraham Fischer
  • Armentum
  • Beyers Naudé
  • Karee
  • Khayalami
  • Tswelopele
  • Villa Bravado

Co-ed Residences available for men and ladies

  • ConLaurês
  • Outeniqua

The Junior Residences possess the following facilities

  1. Electronic access at residences
  2. Double and single rooms furnished with a cupboard, bed, desk, chair, and bookshelf
  3. Communal bathrooms
  4. Kitchenettes situated in passages
  5. Computer rooms with computers
  6. Intranet points at each bed
  7. Fridges can be kept in rooms
  8. Communal laundry and ironing rooms – free of charge
  9. Reception area (where first-year students are on duty)
  10. Entrance hall with ablution facilities for visitors
  11. Gazellie – for residence meetings and other activities
  12. Men’s gazellie in ladies’ residences – for receiving visitors
  13. TV room
  14. RC room
  15. Public phones
  16. Some junior residences have undercover or basement parking
  17. Courtyard
  18. Residence Heads living on the premises at all the ladies’ and men’s residences.

How much is UFS residence?

The cost of accommodation in a campus residence varies between R1 800 and R3 180 per month (excluding meals). Visit https://www.ufs.ac.za/residences for more information
What are my options?

A variety of accommodation options exist, both on the campuses and in the residential areas surrounding the university. Accommodation is not guaranteed when an applicant is accepted as a student.

On-campus Residences

The UFS has only single-sex residences which cater for senior and junior students in single or double rooms, with shared bathrooms. Senior students may also qualify for on-campus apartments. Rooms in residences are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and curtains and are equipped with central heating and Internet access. Residences for women have access control.

Off-campus Accommodation

Off-campus accommodation could take the form of an apartment or house shared by a group of students, full board with a famil,y or a garden cottage. Students living off campus are divided into so-called city residences to afford them the same opportunities to become involved in sport and cultural activities on campus. https://www.ufs.ac.za/residences/housing-and-residence-affairs/off-campus-accommodation/conditionally-accredited-serviceproviders provides wonderful resources regarding UFS-accredited off-campus accommodation.

What are the costs?

The cost of accommodation is as follows:

  • Junior residences range from R2 000 to R3 000 per month (excluding meals);
  • Senior residence ranges from R2 360 to R3 620 per month (excluding meals);
  • Kovsie Inn ranges from R3 600 – R4 800 (including breakfast).
A variety of accommodation options are offered by the university, i.e. on-campus and off-campus accommodation situated in the surrounding residential areas. On-campus accommodation is not guaranteed when an applicant is accepted as a student. The application form for campus accommodation is attached to the application form for admission. Please ensure that the form is completed correctly to avoid delays.

For more information, please consult the UFS website and navigate as follows: 

  1. In your browser, enter www.ufs.ac.za
  2. Click on the Students tab
  3. Click on Residences
  4. Select Female or Male residences
  5. Complete applicable form and submit


On-campus accommodation is difficult to come by unless students reserve rooms. Single-sex residences cater for senior and junior students and offer single or double rooms with shared bathrooms, or apartments (senior students only). Rooms in residences are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, curtains, and linen. All residences have access control. The cost of accommodation in a campus residence varies between R1 800 and R3 180 per month (excluding meals). Visit https://www.ufs.ac.za/residences for more information.

Some residences have communal kitchens, although students could also make use of two dining halls offering three meals per day on a meal account payment system, or a variety of cafeterias.

  • No travel expenses: You do not need a car or have to commute by bus or taxi to campus.
  • You do not have to buy furniture.
  • There are always other people around, so you can interact with different students.
  • You are within walking distance of shopping malls.

An annual international administration levy is payable by all international students. This fee is additional to the annual registration fee payable by all students at the UFS; it is non-refundable and expires at 31 December of each year.

International students from SADC countries pay the same tuition fees as South African students. However, students from non-SADC countries will pay 50% more per module on their tuition fees.
All international students (those who are not South African citizens or who do not have permanent residence status in South Africa) are required to pay the full tuition fee for the academic year prior to registration.

International students will not be registered for programmes if fees are not paid in full (or have evidence of sponsorship). Accommodation fees in UFS residences are also payable prior to registration.

Payment dates
  • January: first payment – the fee must reflect in the student’s account five (5) days prior to registration
  • 31 March: second payment – pay all first-semester fees
  • 30 June: third and final payment – settle tuition-fees account in full

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