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Lime Loans – How to Apply and Repayment of Loans, Lime Loans is a branch of Lime credit group: a global fin-tech company that is reinventing online lending experience across 4 different continent. As one of South Africa’s best and fast loan apps, they provide flexible loan with fast application/approval process.

Whenever you are in search of new opportunities, some unexpected costs appear. Perhaps you want to launch a new product in the market, or you want to travel or you need to upgrade your home. Whatever reason you may have, it is of paramount importance to find a company with a loan that is convenient and a rate that is competitive in the loan industry. A company that can provide you the comfort that you need is Lime24. With this in mind, you are invited to explore the following article in order to find out everything you need about Lime24.

Lime Loans – How to Apply and Repayment of Loans

Does the company Lime provide quick loans?

Lime offers many options. Among those options, you will find the possibility of instant transfers. This means that you can get a quick loan in no time by picking the amount you desire. The company will ask you to sign the contract if the loan is approved and you will instantly receive the money you needed in your bank account. These loans are quite fast for different reasons:

  • The application processing is automated, which makes the whole process easier and faster. In only five minutes, you can access a loan thanks to the advances in technology at Lime
  • The whole process can be carried out online, which means that you can stay at home when you apply or even from your office without the need to move your car to any areas.

Besides, customers should know that these loans have great advantages among other options in the market:

  • There is transparency, which means that you will not be surprised by hidden fees. The loan conditions are chosen by the client and you can take a look at the total cost from your profile, which is visible and available for you.
  • The company makes sure to keep the data protected and secured from possible leaks.
  • The company has a loyalty program that works in your favor, since it rewards customers who keep on choosing the company.

How does Lime Loans works

In order to get a loan you desire, you should follow the following steps:

  • Create a profile by providing contact details such as surname, name, email address, and date of birth.
  • Fill the details regarding banking. In order for the bank to determine your tariff rate, you should provide additional information. The more accurate are your details, the better tariff rate the company can offer you.
  • You get to decide the amount and term of your loan. You will then receive the money in your account.

>>Create Profile

To create a profile on Lime Loans website is simple and easy. Simply click here to get started. Once you are on the site, enter your personal information. phone number and email number to continue. Once you have completed your profile, you can go ahead and apply for loan.


>>Fill the details regarding banking (Get Available Conditions)

Before applying for any loan, you must know the conditions that you will fulfil before getting the loan. In Lime loans case, the only condition is to get bank statement that covers at least 3 months and your salary bank account.

This is because, since they don’t collect collateral, they will need you to provide some form of document that will assure them that you have the capacity to pay back their loan and on time.


>>Apply and get Instant transfer (You get to decide the amount and term of your loan)

After completing your profile and providing your bank statement you will choose the amount and term of the loan you are applying for. then sign the contract to get your instant transfer. It is not good to rush and sign a contract without knowing what the contract entails and the repayment plans. So, I will advise, you read through the contract, it will guide you to make inform decision toward the repayment stage.

What you need to get a loan with Lime loans

To get a loan with Lime loans, you need the following

  • South Africa ID Number
  • Your Cell phone number
  • Bank account details
  • Latest 3 months bank statements showing your income

How is the review for Lime24 loans?

Many clients have made a comment regarding their personal experience with Lime24. These are some selected comments:

  • “Working with Lime 24 was easy and fast. Getting a loan is actually much simpler than it previously seemed”
  • “Lime 24 offers you the possibility to set a loan based on a personalized and customized option. This means that the company evaluates your particular conditions and then continues to offer you the options available”
  • “at first I wasn’t sure whether to do business with this company and then I read all about the options they offered and so they seemed quite convenient”
  • “the loan may take a while if you don’t provide all the details they ask for so make sure to provide everything they need. Loans are quite convenient and the rates too”

How to Repay your loan

Repaying your loan is very easy. Just Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Lime loans website
  • Log in to your profile using the phone number and password provided during registration
  • Click repay and you are done

Lime loans working hours

Working hours for the office located in Johannesburg were already described earlier above. Remember that you can also contact the company online, avoiding long queues. During weekends the company is closed but during the week the company is available in the morning and part of the afternoon.

In conclusion, clients can turn to Lime loans for financial relief. Whenever there is a situation of financial emergency or the need to cover some unexpected costs, it is always good to find a company that provides loans in an automated way. Lime24 can provide you the loan you need in a tailored way in order to make sure that you can actually carry out the payments without the financial burden. Apply today and find out the best loan deal possible made only for you and your loved ones.

Lime Loan Contact Us

Lime has offices in different areas around the globe, such as Russia, Emea, Asia Pacific and Mexico. The only office in South Africa can be found in Johannesburg, in Bed ford view.

If you don’t have access to your account or you have any problem relating to loans in South Africa, you can send an email to support@lime24.co.za for quick assistance.

  • Contact no: +27 10 442 6722 | +27 11776 9107
  • Address: 30 Lucas Ln, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2007, South Africa
  • Website:  https://www.lime24.co.za/


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